Guide Your Teams 

to Success with Playbooks

Scale your business by giving everyone access to 

your winning way of work.

With Whale you not only manage your team's knowledge, 

you empower everyone to achieve repeatable success.

Arm your teams with knowledge through


WHALE as gamechanger.

The whale platform allows you to

Accelerate onboarding and training with Gameplans

Gain insight into your team's knowledge gaps with 


Share plays that boosts performance

Playbooks are your teams go-to space to find the process and best practice that will help them perform and succeed in any given situation. 

Publish new plays to your teams or notify individuals in their personal space.

How does it Work?

Whale empowers teams with the ability to identify, document and have everyone follow your organisation's winning way of work. 

Gameplans are collections of plays you can assign to specific individuals or teams.

Whether you are looking to onboard and train new hires or keeping your workforce aligned across teams, gameplans have your back.  

Assign gameplans to accelerate training

Easily create cards of your proven strategies and best practices in the inuitive WYSIWYG. 

Due to the concise nature of cards, knowledge is easily found and can be put into action instantaneously.

Create bite-size knowledge

Find out what plays your teams need and where your knowledge gaps reside with requests.

Every team member can submit requests or upvote one that has already been posted, making it easier to prioritise what knowledge they need first.

Understand what your team needs

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